The link with the territory, its culture and its community has matured in the Dyloan group an ever greater awareness of the need to protect the places where it operates and the people who work in it.

For this reason, the company, for over 20 years, has been committed to enhancing Italian manufacturing excellence, promoting and collaborating with more than 200 factories (supply chains and technology companies), over 100 creatives (designers, stylists) and 100 operators (universities and centers research) operating in the world of fashion and design.

The selection and loyalty of the various local companies is a key element for Dyloan in order to preserve the vast wealth of made-in-Italy know-how.

In order to enhance and safeguard the excellence linked to the territory, Dyloan is the promoter of "Made in locally", a network of Abruzzo manufacturing companies operating in the fashion sector, without neglecting any passage in the supply chain, from the wool producer to the embroiderer. All united with a motto that is a declaration of intent: "Aggregate to support and enhance the future".


The idea of ​​Made in locally was born from Dyloan and four other companies in the provinces of Teramo, all in the fashion sector, united by the desire to protect Made in Italy and by the idea that collaboration is the most effective weapon to resist and conserve their professionalism.


The watchword is to enhance the Abruzzo heritage, in order not to give up the excellent results achieved in the past, while continuing to look at the international market.

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