Manufacturing Technologies for Fashion, Art and Design

The technologies used in Bond Factory are the result of a continuous search for innovative ways and new tools that become, thanks to the support of Dyloan Studio, fundamental elements for the creative process of our customers. The realization of graphic systems and processing, all made within our structure, allows us to combine the various techniques with one another, practically without limits of interpretation.

is the technique that allows us to build, laminate and decorate clothing, accessories or other products, replacing the traditional stitching. We have reached a point where we can apply this technology to almost every kind of material/fabric.
with this incredible technology we are able to cut or carve diverse materials/fabrics together with net and precise signs that create geometries and effects recognizable at first glance. The variety of machinery allows us to work on small pieces and fabrics/materials.
digital printing
the digital printing technologies we have, allow us to print on any color support and unique definition. The work camps are not a limit to our capabilities and equipment. Ecological inks allow us to further develop this type of application.
embroidery was the first technology that we used in our company from the very beginning of our path, we can still interpret it in an original and innovative way, combining traditional and modern techniques, with other technologies that enhance the preciousness.
we have developed over the years a unique ability to create 3D shapes and silhouettes. We can thereby "model clothing or accessories on moulds, or models deriving from our customers or our CAD processing.
manual processing
our technologies never transcend the ability to "hand make" whether through the use of machines in a unique manner, whether it means just running phases, or entire works, as may happen for some finishings and applications.
thermoforming or printing impression, with this technology any material composition can be customized with embossed designs. With this particular technique even small details or complex designs, which we elaborate, change completely the initial aspects of the support on which it operates.
screen print
we can integrate our technologies with the printing when there are special requests of materiality or effect where only the skilled craftsmanship of experienced operators, our partners, can give results otherwise unattainable.
laminate means for us to give our customers the possibility to cover textiles, meshes and materials with surface laminae or permeating sponge. The evolution of this technique is that you can create laminating inlaid with different colors
a mechanical technology, which we have been able to customize, as well as other technologies. In fact we can create specific designs working only on the shape of the design that can be composed from multiple colors or gradient effects.
high frequency
H.F., used for many years in the field of blister, adopted for over 25 years in the fashion industry. With its remarkable evolution is still applied to create bas-relief details by combining two or more fabrics/materials.
this way of cutting, decorating or finishing materials and fabrics offers our clients a special ability to get extremely defined effects without creating thickness. This technology can cut and weld the fibers by closing the borders.