Manufacturing Technologies for Fashion, Art and Design

Sustainability is, for us, an important principle and is the basis of our work. Our goal is to always work in a responsible manner. This, for us, means trying to minimize the environmental impact, respect the resources and our human heritage, our territory, to which we are deeply tied, to be artisans of sustainable economic growth, in an ethical and ecological context.

Here are some stories that we want to tell you.

led lights
the choice to install led lights in our new venue allows us to reduce the environmental impact of our business, while saving energy.
local culture
we feel that local culture is of primary importance, for this reason we are developing collaborations with local schools with the aim to safeguard traditional craftsmanship.
We highly admire the Brunello Cucinelli company, with whom we collaborate. It represents a model for our mission and our fundamental values, put into practice in our everyday business life.
ISO 9001:2008
Quality management system ISO 9001:2008 for design and production of clothing and accessories.
green economy
we have become partners, support and collaborate with the P.L.E.F.
to create sustainable economy
human resources
we have recently introduced a new role person in our staff, a doctor with a degree in psychology. Considered as the voice of conscience that, on one hand must keep an eye on business as it is the main tool leading to growth and wealth, on the other knows and understands the roles and needs of people around the enterprise.
young people
we collaborate with various schools for the specialization of figures in the textile industry. As the project organized together with the Chamber of Commerce of Chieti and the Art Institute "Nicholas Guardiagrele", "New Skills, new textiles" that has allowed us to form six students in highly innovative technical fabrics and workmanship, for one of them we activated, at the end of the course, an additional internship in our company.
recycling and reuse
we have started a project of recycling and reuse of waste within our company involving a group of 15 young people.
Sterne International along with its brand Lorena Antoniazzi, was the first among our customers to create a traceability system through the installation of a microchip on its garments.
textile recovery
"Arakne Non Woven" is a project that has been presented at Fuori Salone 2012. Every material is seen as part of the nature and it must be able to be regenerated. The project was realized in collaboration with the artist Svetlana Kuliskova on textile reuse and recovery.
business networks
we are promoters of synergy and business networks, such as network "Made in locally", formed by various manufacturing companies with the aim to promote and safeguard the excellence linked to the territory.
one of the main goals of all our activities is to create synergies between the various actors that are involved, from students to designers, textile companies to Accessories, to trade shows.
we have introduced both an organisational and health and safety management models in the working environment. These models, which have been redact through coordination, control and collaboration operations, permit to conduct our activities with respect to certain principles. the aforementioned principles refer to prevention, with respect to the legislation in force and, particularly, in order to respect workers’ security standards and welfare interests.”