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Manufacturing Technologies for Fashion, Art and Design


Dyloan presents the D-house project, synergy and collaboration of technology companies.

Dyloan, link between the world of technology, creativity and manufacturing, uses leather, fabric and all new materials processed by the most innovative machinery. The D-house by Dyloan technological space in collaboration with LINEAPELLE (hall 7) through live streaming events, traditional and technological artisans in collaboration with artists and designers of interior, fashion, and footwear will demonstrate the latest news in Tech Costumisation Bespoke. Dyloan has the capability to decline and combine different technologies with an extreme flexibility of process, reaching a perfect balance between the knowledge of raw material and the desire to preserve the value of craftsmanship up to the final product.

Thanks to its know-how, different techniques such as laser cutting and engraving, bonding and 3D printings - just to name a few- will be performed live to create unprecedented customization performances.

The synergy between manufacturing, creativity and technology will allow the customizationof a selection of design products, shoes, clothing and accessories made from the finest leathersin combination with unusual materials.

22/23 SETTEMBRE 2020


Padiglione 7

stand E18-F18/E20-F20

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