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Bond Factory & Dyloan Studio: a worldwide excellence "Made in Abruzzo" in the field of Fashion, thanks to the strong innovative and technological imprint

The two-monthly magazine Abruzzo Economia has published on the August 2018 issue an article that illustrates the evolution of the DYLOAN group and its plans for the future. Loreto and Anna Maria Di Rienzo founded a Fashion company in Abruzzo that uses numerous technologies and innovative ideas. The association was founded in 1987 in Chieti when the DYLOAN group was established, summing up the surname and the names of the founders: DI Rienzo LOreto and ANna Maria. It includes Dyloan Studio, operating in research and development in Milan, and Bond Factory in Chieti Scalo, which makes collections and prototypes for the most important Fashion Brand.

During the years, growth has been constant thanks to investments in technology and human capital. According to Alfredo D'Incecco, from the D'Incecco studio in Pescara and the Bond Factory advisor, the company has increased its revenues fivefold in the last six years and in the first half of 2018 there was an increase of 20% over the same period of the last year.

Among the initiatives promoted by Bond Factory, there are a number of collaborations with universities and international schools, given its commitment to training, research and technological dissemination and the exchange of know-how.

The group associates to a "school of thought" that involves sensitization, information and Social Fashion to achieve a global diversification status. The company works responsibly, reducing the environmental impact of its production so that it is a member of the Planet Life Economy Foundation, a non-profit foundation that promotes sustainability. It also adheres to Fashion Revolution, a transnational movement that spreads a responsible Fashion towards the environment and people. Currently, Bond Factory is designing custom-made clothes and experimenting with sensors for smart garments that, according to the Technology Ambassador Loreto Di Rienzo, will be one of the future scenarios of Fashion.

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