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"Shaping": 3D in Fashion at PureLondon



Technology Ambassador Loreto Di Rienzo explained a new modelling process of materials at PureLondon 2018




PureLondon | 22 - 24 Luglio 2018
Olympia London – Area Origin








Dyloan Studio took part at the last edition of PureLondon. It was from 22nd to 24th July at the event space Olympia in London.  


The Technology Ambassador Loreto Di Rienzo talked in the seminar called "Shaping" in the framework of the PureLondon calendar. This speech dealt the thermoshaping.  


Shaping  refers about the possibility to give three-dimensional to fabrics or knits which are usually two-dimensional. 

The three-dimensional is  obtained through the heat of materials upon which are impressed a decorative pattern or shape thanks to a mould. After that, the cooling produce definitely the forming. 


The thermoshaping  can develop three different solutions: fabrics and knits with three-dimensional surfaces which are created thanks to a mould;    accessories, garment or parts of them are realized with a mould. In this framework, there are the  three-dimensional structures, the are fabrics or knits, build manually to create clothes or accessories. 


This new modelling fabric technique builds volumes and structures unreleased, extending the possibilities for every designer in accordance with innovative modality.  




     Three dimensional surfaces                      Three dimensional shapes                      Three dimensional structures                                                                                                                                                                                 











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