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Moda Futuribile Pitti Immagine Filati 82

Pitti Immagine Filati 82 | 24 - 26 January 2018 Central Pavilion – Basement – Stand Q/8

MODA FUTURIBILE is a project promoted by Dyloan Studio with the goal of promoting the excellences in the fashion industry by developing products that are the expression of the different know-how and project synergies, the result of an encounter beetween productive companies and designers. A project of collaboration involving the entire supply chain: designers, spinning mills, knitting mills and manufacturing companies specialized in the use of new technologies. The results obtained represent the ability of the actors to find alternative solutions for the optimization of services, for the creation of new products and for the development of new market segments.

MODA FUTURIBILE represents a cross-search not limited to the exploration of the single season trends, but it is proposed as a starting point for new and possible developments in the world of knitting.

The goal is the enhancement of the creative process in its integrity, starting from projects and product inputs made available by manufacturing companies in their most technical dimension and declined through a more aesthetic interpretation by the designer. The close and necessary relationship between manufacturing companies and designers is thus highlighted through a virtuous encounter: on the one hand, the purely technical skills far beyond a true aesthetic and trendy interpretation, on the other hand, the ability to translate the techniques in a formal language able to meet the aesthetic parameters, typical of a fashion collection.

In this edition Moda Futuribile presents a focus on sustainability, not just by limiting to an eco-sustainable approach, but rather by including the integrity of the system and its processes, educating to a critical design through the creation of artifacts resulting from the collaboration of a whole fashion system supply chain.

The projects are proper and real stories explained in order to show and forward the true possible application of the sustainability principles, according to 4 areas of study:





CLOSED CYCLE ATTORI: Botto Giuseppe, SerieNumerica, Bond Factory

CLOSED CYCLE is a project that proposes a “slow fashion” outfit, created without producing any scraps, entirely made with hand machines and with Cradle to Cradle certified yarns (closed cycle). This certification ensures the total absence of environmental and health risks for humans, the elimination of the idea of toxic or non-toxic waste, and the selection of safe materials for both natural and human systems. By consequence, these characteristics allow the realization of a durable and high quality product, which aims to reduce consumption and to make consumers aware.

UP CYCLE ATTORI: Millefili, Bond Factory, Tiziano Guardini

UP CYCLE is a project that consists in the creative reuse of knitted panels destined for sample collections and color cards. The panels are cut and reassembled giving life to a real piece of clothing. It is a process that tries to prevent the problem of recycling of material, through their immediate reuse, managing to reduce the costs of disposal of waste and the production of new objects.

TECHNICAL BIO-BASED ATTORI: Lactae Hevea, Fulgar, Santoni, Roveda, Bond Factory, Alon Siman-tov

TECHNICAL BIO-BASED focuses on the production processes of technical yarns that today can be made using bases with low environmental impact and coming from different types of supply chains, whether they are of vegetable origin or deriving from the recycling of waste materials or products that have reached the end of their life cycle.

KIND METHOD ATTORI: Botto Giuseppe, UmbriaVerde, Tintoria Ferrini, Bond Factory, Giulia Bortoli

KIND METHOD focuses on the negative impact of the chemical-based industrial dyeing processes of garments, preferring the dye-on-garment method with plant-based dyes. Moreover, this choice allows to limit the dyeing processes, which are limited only to the amount of yarn really necessary to create the desired garment. Furthermore, the use of Cradle to Cradle certified yarns (closed cycle) ensures the total absence of environmental and health risks for humans, the elimination of the idea of toxic or non-toxic waste, and the selection of safe materials for both natural and human systems.

VALUABLE SUPPLY CHAIN ATTORI: LaneCardate, Volcar, Bond Factory, Vittorio Branchizio

VALUABLE SUPPLY CHAIN is a project that pays attention to the actors involved in a production process. The actors involved must operate in a sustainable way from the assortment of raw materials, to the production and distribution processes. The business philosophies of the actors involved are characterized by the values necessary to create a positive production supply chain.

ZERO KM SUPPLY CHAIN ATTORI: Aquilana, ITV Denim, Bond Factory, Fashion Academy Pianeta Moda

ZERO KM SUPPLY CHAIN is a project entirely developed in Abruzzo, from the supplying of raw materials to the assemblage of the finished product. This type of system has been made possible thanks to collaboration of the Fashion Academy Pianeta Moda and some leader companies located in this territory. Their collaboration realized a zero Km production chain, enhancing the territory, its culture, its products and allowing the development of a sustainable economy with the consequent reduction of costs and waste.


ATTORI: ArteViva, Bond Factory, H.And Studio, Carmina Campus

CULTURAL AESTHETIC is a project in which the culture of craft products in limited series is revitalized and updated, with the aim of creating a coherent variation with the contemporary reality and closer to market dynamics, allowing also to the culture of a specific know-how to continue to produce a positive impact on the territory in which it operates, safeguarding its social and economic fabric.

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