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Moda Futuribile at Pitti Immagine Filati 81

Pitti Immagine Filati 81 | 28 - 30 June 2017 Central Pavilion – Lower Floor – Stand Q/8

MODA FUTURIBILE is a project promoted by Dyloan Studio with the goal of promoting the excellences in the fashion industry by developing products that are the expression of the different know-how and project synergies, the result of an encounter between productive companies and designers.

A project of collaboration involving the entire supply chain: designers, spinning mills, knitting mills and manufacturing companies specialized in the use of new technologies. The results obtained represent the ability of the actors to find alternative solutions for the optimization of services, for the creation of new products and for the development of new market segments.

MODA FUTURIBILE represents a cross-search not limited to the exploration of the single season trends, but it is proposed as a starting point for new and possible developments in the world of knitting.

The goal is the enhancement of the creative process in its integrity, starting from projects and product inputs made available by manufacturing companies in their most technical dimension and declined through a more aesthetic interpretation by the designer.

The close and necessary relationship between manufacturing companies and designers is thus highlighted through a virtuous encounter: on the one hand, the purely technical skills far beyond a true aesthetic and trendy interpretation, on the other hand, the ability to translate the techniques in a formal language able to meet the aesthetic parameters, typical of a fashion collection.

In this edition, MODA FUTURIBILE presents INSPIRATION GALORE!, a collection of knitted garments made throughout the past editions of MODA FUTURIBILE, each created by a designer, each developed independently and by taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by a fully Made in Italy whole supply chain.

An opportunity to further focus on the inseparable relationship between manufacturing and style, where the manufacturing techniques and the interpretive skills of the designers become the protagonists, shifting the attention from the idea of seasonal trend, becoming a product design input, potentially capable to assume the semblance of infinite aesthetic reinterpretations.

The whole supply chain has been involved in the making of the artefacts: the best spinners provided their materials; the knitting mills took care of the production of semi-finished and fully fashioned products; the manufacturing companies applied the technologies on materials, semi-finished and finished products.

The peculiarity of the project will be explained by the construction methods and by the technologies used by the designers, all together with the traditional manual processes typical of a fashion product: thermowelding either as a construction of finished or semi-finished products or as bonding for the combination of knit with special materials such as leather, fabric, nets or polymeric films; laser as a cutting or as a decorative tool; ultrasound for innovative finishes; shaping to modify the two dimensionality of materials by generating volumes, both structural and decorative; stiffening techniques to create structures, volumes or particular consistencies; different embroideries; digital, screen and, transfer prints.

The collections, created by the synergy with the spinning, knitwear and manufacturing factories of the MODA FUTURIBILE circuit will be interesting insights for the visitors, innovative solutions for manufacturing and creativity worlds that here will have the opportunity to talk.


Benny B.



Maglificio Gottardi







Filati Be.Mi.Va.

Filati Biagioli Modesto

Filatura Cariaggi


Galeotti Piume

Lane Cardate



Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia


PRINTING: Stamperia San Nicolò

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