Since 1987, dyloan has aimed to become a reference point for creativity, innovation and quality.
Dyloan aims to enhance the excellence of the area, as well as to stimulate a more ethical and sustainable fashion and economy, through the development of design synergies with the various players in the supply chain, whether they are students, designers, textile companies and accessories, research centers, trade fair organizations et al, aimed at promoting "THE MANUFACTURE OF THE FUTURE."

Over time, we have carried out many projects and activities collaborating in synergy with companies and professionals. The goal of the projects we develop is to make the supply chain tangible by putting the various companies in the territory in contact.

Synergy is the basis of the relationships we consolidated over the years with many of our partners, 60% of the companies we work with, in fact, have been our collaborators for over 5 years.

The supply chain is made up of many different actors and among these includes artists, creatives and designers; for this reason we do not limit ourselves to involving only manufacturing and manufacturing companies, but we also collaborate with specialized schools - national and international - in order to allow young students to understand how the supply chain works.


Find out more about our COLLABORATIONS and INITIATIVES aimed at promoting the Italian supply chain.


We are always looking for new collaborations and possible partners, WRITE US for more information.

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