The safety of our collaborators is a fundamental element for our business.


We have introduced a model of organization and management of health and safety in the workplace which, through coordination, control and collaboration operations, allows us to conduct our activities according to the hierarchical principles of prevention in compliance with current legislation and, above all, in the interest of protecting safety for the well-being of workers.


They are established, following DLgs. 81/08, rules, procedures and preventive measures to be adopted to make workplaces safer. The aim is to avoid or in any case minimize the exposure of workers to risks related to work.


Furthermore, general protection measures are defined through careful and continuous risk assessment, health surveillance and collaboration with RSPP (Head of the prevention and protection service) and RLS (Workers' Representative for Safety).


Continuous training and information cycles are carried out on the risks associated with the specific activities carried out by each worker, in addition to training and refresher courses for specific figures such as supervisors, fire-fighters and first aid workers.

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