Our manufacturing activities and production-related services are held in the Bond Factory. From implementation and customization of fabrics, semi-products and accessories, to the management of finished garments, all is done in this place.

The experience gained over the years, plus our know-how, has allowed us to improve and develop new technologies, manage craftsmanship and industrialize production processes, always maintaining quality characteristics and localization of production.

fabrics research
an absolute excellence and service of fundamental importance for any creative project is to find appropriate solutions and materials suitable for industrialization. A competent department supports within the company to understand and find suitable solutions for sampling and production problems.
for the last few seasons we have been mastering the application of our technologies also in the accessories. Partnerships with tanneries and specific research, as well as laboratory tests, have opened new extraordinary possibilities for designers, while maintaining the requested standards for these products, and in some cases even making the finished product.
our facilities and equipment are an important starting point for creating continuous fabrics, made with the various technologies we use, such as digital laser printing, the needling welding, etc.
our Organization and proposal, creation and sampling processes are always aimed at production. Handled almost entirely within the firm allows for improving the know-how acquired over the years, and recently increased the technological equipment and human resources, as well as an important accounting software that enables communication with our customers.
finished garments
our unique technology is supported by the management of service items in all their stages. Our facility is capable of handling both the production and the logistics of garments made in our structure, thus ensuring all processes and stages from modeling through shipment.
semi-finished products
our clients have often the opportunity to customize parts or semi components with one or more technologies. We integrate with the production of each specific customer maintaining excellent communication standards..
special projects
we design and produce fashion show garments, design objects, artistic projects. We work together with schools to support young people in their first projects.
modeling is a fundamental phase for interpreting design solutions, and resolving technical or constructive issues for a piece of clothing or an accessory. For this, always internally, we have a modeling department for both clothing and accessories.


Dyloan Studio works alongside Bond Factory, to create a strong synergy that makes each project unique.

We offer engineering support services, research and development, organize extraordinary events in which our work comes out from the  companies and takes shape.

Our technologies are accessible for having our production chain work along with the designers and schools that represent the excellence and quality of Italian and international fashion system.


research and development
research is for us an essential phase for the design and development of new ideas, trends and innovative products for materials and treatments.
To conduct this research we employ several tools including workshops, laboratories, research and development projects.
stylists, designers and companies will find in Milan a space that goes beyond the concept of a showroom, where you can work together, exploring the possible applications of the technologies that continually develop.
the promotion and safeguarding of excellence in fashion is one of our main objectives. We coordinate projects and create business networks, in active collaboration with the P.L.E.F. and other associations.
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thanks to the technological know-how and experience, we are in a concrete collaboration and support for designing collections or parts of them, starting from your sketch or idea.

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