Sustainable consumption and production aim to "do more and better with less", increasing the benefits in terms of well-being drawn from economic activities, by reducing the use of resources, degradation and pollution throughout the entire production cycle thus improving the quality of life.


In order to promote a sustainable and circular economy, Dyloan develops several projects involving productive realities and institutions.


Here are some examples.



Recycling and reuse project in collaboration with ITS of Pescara, Ca 'Foscari University and MIUR. The project intends to move to re-enter primary waste or unsold inventories in the market, re-interpreted through new technologies.

We will work with RE-thinking, RE-fitting, RE-start company starting from the historical Abruzzo blankets of the MERLINO company.

The project foresees a #sustainable approach to the problem of fashion over-production, working on #scartiprimari. A stimulus focus of a circular economy is proposed starting from unsold or failed garments, to be reintroduced on the market, through variable transformations.



Project in collaboration with Marina Spadafora and the global movement Fashion Revolution, to stimulate a circular economy and fashion based on the concepts of re-think, re-use, re-knit of unsold garments through a different design approach that involves knitwear manufacturers , the spinning mills and the designers.

The message is clear: you can, with creativity and the support of the technology available today, recover unsold garments by transforming them into attractive and completely new objects.

Fashion Revolution Italia has supported this project, which opens a window on the infinite possibilities that can arise for the fashion scenario when human ingenuity and technology join forces to save objects from waste and incinerator.

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During the winter edition of Altaroma, Italo Marseglia, with the extraordinary support of Dyloan, IED and Sophie Hallette presented "Rubedo", the Fall / Winter 2019-2020 collection. A spectacular performance between sustainable fashion, literature, theater and music.

Dyloan, leader in research, design and production in the fields of fashion, art and design, has managed the heat sealing of lace and fabrics otherwise destined for pulping. The result is a unique and unrepeatable fabric, a colorful patchwork, made possible thanks to chantilly, rebrodé, nets, veils and many other assembled light fabrics, which have given new life to the garment.




Project presented at the 2012 Fuori Salone in which all materials are seen as part of nature and must be able to regenerate.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the artist Svetlana Kuliskova on textile reuse and recovery.

Raw recycled fibers such as silk or merino wool, cashmere tops, skeins of cotton or viscose yarns or directly woven - cotton, wool, silk chiffon, velvet - all in contrast with the recycled jute, extremely poor material .

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