Dyloan, for over 4 years, has been a member of Symbola, a cultural movement that brings together different subjects: organizations, associations and personalities from the economic and business world, active citizenship, territorial and institutional realities, and the world of culture. It is the lobby of Italian qualities that speaks to politics, economics and institutions to direct the development of the country towards quality, sustainability and culture. And it does it mainly with relationships such as GreenItaly, on the national green economy; I am Culture, on the weight of culture and creativity in the national economy; with PIQ - Internal Quality Product, or the BQI - Bank of Italian Quality, dedicated to the many territorial champions.



For its value, Dyloan has been included in the book "100 Innovation Stories Abruzzo" promoted by Symbola and Hubruzzo.


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This publication, promoted by the Symbola and Hubruzzo Foundations, aims to promote a new narrative of Abruzzo, highlighting its strengths, starting from an accurate analysis of the Abruzzo production system and from the story of a hundred business stories. Seeking, this is the purpose of the work, a legible synthesis, accepting the inevitable, but most necessary, inaccuracy of an overall narrative. The story that emerges describes a composite territory, made of natural and rural landscapes, but also of innovation and industry. If the most common image of naturalistic Abruzzo is strengthened by some national records, such as the extension of the protected area - equal to 36% of the regional territory - and the high presence of small municipalities - 82% of the 305 are Abruzzo municipalities, with 26% of the regional population, about 350 thousand people - the narration of an innovative and industrial Abruzzo, little known to the Abruzzesi themselves, makes this land one of the main manufacturing regions of Europe.

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