For Dyloan, sustainability is a fundamental principle around which work develops.

This translates into a commitment to reducing the environmental impact and respecting resources such as human heritage and the territory to which we are deeply linked.

Our manufacturing activities have always been aimed at combining economic growth with sustainable and responsible development, also transmitting values ​​such as respect, transparency, collaboration and trust to partners and collaborators.


Sustainability is a positive challenge that Dyloan has decided to face, considering simultaneously its three fundamental pillars: environmental, social and economic.


Dyloan, through the development of new technologies and initiatives, pursues the objective of contributing positively to environmental protection and safeguard. In particular, the group undertakes to promote the reduction of the consumption of materials such as paper and plastic, enhance the use of renewable sources, efficiently monitor the consumption of energy resources by assessing and reducing inefficiencies. We are also working on integrating sustainability into the strategy, and in the corporate processes as well as on spreading the "culture of sustainability" at all company levels. In this regard, various training activities have been carried out for our employees, including on the operational management of waste in order to improve and increase the recyclability of the waste generated


The Planet Life Economy Foundation is a non-profit non-profit organization that deals with giving substance to the principles of sustainability by integrating them into business management.

PLEF promotes the creation of a new model to create real "Value" at an economic, social, environmental and human level.

The Dyloan group has been supporting and collaborating with PLEF for more than ten years, helping to create a sustainable economy, based on the values and principles of the latter:

1. GATHERING THOUGHT AND ACTION of the planomia * into a joint project, linking new concepts and experiences, promoting the meeting between university professors and researchers, entrepreneurs, managers, communicators, political scientists, journalists and citizens.

2. CONTRIBUTE TO THE EVOLUTION of the socio-economic model existing today in the direction of its full sustainability, identifying applications, tools, mechanisms of involvement of all interested parties.

3. DEVELOP A SOLID SCIENTIFIC and cultural BASE on which to build new and more sustainable industrial development policies.

4. DEVELOP A PROBLEM SOLVING APPROACH at the center of which are the vital resources of the planet (citizens and the environment).

5. ORIENT THE BUSINESS STRATEGIES in compliance with the constraints of sustainability.


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