BFxMED, that's how Bond Factory decided to proactively face the current crisis, help in the present and lay solid foundations for a future that still appears uncertain.

BFxMED is the new division of Bond Factory. First created to deal with the emergency situation and actively help the Italian organizations involved in the emergency COVID-19 through the production of PPE, BFxMED has now become a permanent section in order to respond to the needs required by the market and the new reality which we will inevitably have to get used to.


The in-depth research of materials, processes and finishes - including the application of antibacterial and antiviral treatments on textile surfaces - combined with the know-how and many years of experience in the Fashion and Luxury sector, allows us to offer individual protective devices not only verified by the competent institutes, but also of high quality and innovation, the result of the encounter between aesthetics and functionality.


Among the customizable protective clothing we manufacture surgical cups, masks, protective suits, visors, gowns and shoes, all suitable for guaranteeing personal safety and certified by the competent institutes.


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