"Think  locally, act globally."

Our journey began in 1987 with the goal of finding new ideas and offering innovative solutions for the fashion industry. After a steady growth, with major investments in technology and human resources, in 2003 the current structure is outlined, with two complementary but distinct realities, which have thus been able to focus their activities reaching increasingly important goals and forming a new way of thinking about the product and its manufacturing. Today we research, design and produce in the fields of fashion, art and design, pursuing the principles of sustainability and transparency.


We offer whole collections and specialty products with an extreme flexibility of process and through technologies that have allowed us, over the years, to anticipate the application in the world of fashion, art and design. The complex and varied structure meets a balance between technological development and the desire to preserve the value of craftsmanship paying attention to the details that uniquely characterize our productions


We organize research and development activities with the objective of leading stylists, designers and companies to explore possible applications of technologies.

Our Milan facilities, with events and workshops, become an opportunity to develop projects, create synergies, and make updated and accessible technologies.


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